How to calculate a colleague’s salary

The problem: You suspect you are being discriminated against, or unfairly compensated in comparison to your colleagues.You can’t outright ask your colleagues how much they earn as it may cause tension, but also because you may be forbidden by company policy.

The solution: Use the colleague salary calculator to discreetly work out how much your peers earn. The calculator uses the student loan repayment figure to reverse calculate how much they earn.

The caveat to this method is of course that your colleague needs to be repaying a student loan in order to find out the necessary figure. Remember this is a benefit too, as it is largely unsuspicious information that most colleagues are willing to share.

How to get the repayment figure: For example, you could complain to your colleague about how much student loan repayments you have to pay. In all likeliness they will join in with your rant, which will hopefully lead the conversation to them revealing the magic figure.

The moment of truth: Before you make any rash decision, remember that the information provided to you by your colleague may not necessarily be the truth, thus the resulting figures produced in the caculator won’t reflect their real salary.