How you can utilise social media to improve your CV

Modern job-hunting may have changed beyond recognition in many aspects but the one constant is the requirement to provide a CV to either an agency or potential employer.

A CV or resume is a great way to provide a snapshot of your skills, experience and knowledge but even the most professionally written documents can sometimes lack a little sizzle.

Many people now use some form of social media; this article explains the benefits of adding them to your CV.

Sound savvy

Social media can be an asset to many businesses but not all manage to take advantage of the business opportunities on offer.

Depending on the size of the company and the role you are applying for, demonstrating that you are up to speed with using social media could be a real advantage. If you ascertain that your prospective employer is not utilising Twitter, LinkedIn or even Facebook, it could provide an ideal gambit for you at interview.

If using social media is something the recruiter has considered in the past but doesn’t know whether to start, taking a look at a well-written and professional profile from your CV could well give you the extra advantage on other candidates.

This could be particularly helpful for older workers who may face prejudice during the recruitment process, with some employers making the assumption that a more senior applicant may not be as IT savvy. Having an internet presence shows that you are not only aware but you are actively participating in a more modern approach.

Seem like a real person

CVs are designed to describe your skills and experience and even adding a profile plus your personal interests can make it difficult for you to stand out from the crowd.

This is where a social media profile can help, particularly if you use more than one.

LinkedIn is particularly good for showcasing your professional capabilities, but with more of a personal touch than a CV, especially if you upload a good photo. Twitter and Facebook can paint your personality more vividly, and demonstrate that you are intelligent and a great communicator, even in a more casual capacity. Obviously you will want to make sure there is nothing inappropriate showing on either profile first…!

Having the opportunity to see your passions and how you express yourself when you aren’t applying for a job can make you seem far more real as a person, and your application more memorable. And have no fear, the potential employer will want to take a look at your social media profiles –many perform a search even if nothing is listed on a CV!

Showcase who you know

Another benefit of adding your social media profile is that it gives employers the opportunity to see who you know or have links with.

If you are introduced to a potential employer through a mutual acquaintance, it provides a sense of reassurance, an added guarantee that you would be a good person to employ. Discovering that you are already linked in to organisations or individuals that the recruiter already knows or does business with could very well help your case.

In addition, if you are applying for a job where networking or social contacts are key, seeing your activity and how many places and people you have already established links to could be a real asset.


Social media is rapidly evolving and increasingly, potential employers are looking to use it to find out more about job applicants. By including your social media profiles on your CV, you are demonstrating that you have nothing to hide, and making it easier for those drawing up a shortlist to find out more about you. And of course, making your CV just that little bit zingier will give you a much better chance of getting an interview at the very least.

Image Credits: prupert and shareski.