SalaryBot teams up with tax specialists Think Tax Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership with tax specialist Think Tax Ltd. Think Tax Ltd is a registered HM Revenues & Customs agent, helping individuals and businesses alike with their tax preparation and tax advisory services.

Think Tax LtdWith their knowledge and experience of the UK tax system, Think Tax Ltd will now play an important advisory role to The partnership will help ensure the personal finance tools are up to date with the latest changes in tax regulations and can remain as accurate as possible; something which many online salary calculators struggle with.

Not only will users of benefit from the improved accuracy of the tools, they can also expect to receive some great advice direct from Think Tax Ltd. Think Tax will from time to time post articles on salary and tax related issues.

Chris Bell, developer of, believes the partnership will give the service a unique advantage over similar tools available on the internet. “Building the best salary calculator was one half of the battle, keeping it accurate is the other half. It would be difficult to keep on top of every single change in tax without being a part of that industry itself. For that reason, it made complete sense to team up with Think Tax Ltd.”

It is expected the partnership will have an immediate impact, with new features such as pension contributions scheduled to be added to the tools in the near future.