SalaryBot gets upgraded for 2014

With the new year upon us, it’s about time that SalaryBot received an upgrade. Three major features have now been added to SalaryBot’s arsenal; pensions contributions, a salary checker and a signup process for job email alerts.

Pension contributions have been long overdue feature, which I’m glad to announce has successfully been rolled out across all web, Android and iOS platforms. The introduction of pension contributions has brought many positive reviews and comments.

A salary checker has been developed to help make SalaryBot a one stop shop for salary related calculations. The tools allows users to search for a job title, trawling hundreds of thousands of job postings to present an estimate of the average salary. The engine behind it is the same one that powers the No.10 dashboard – as used by the prime minister. Whilst the tool is still in its infancy, it is hoped that this feature will become more accurate as time passes.

Email signups for job alerts have also been implemented into SalaryBot. Whilst the initial process just guages interest in the feature, if enough users sign up there will be a fully working email alerts system developed in future.

Expect more features to be added throughout the year, and let’s not forget, the new tax year is quickly approaching.

Keep calculating folks ;)