How education affects your salary


It seems obvious that better educated people are more likely to earn a higher wage. People get into debt to go to university with the understanding that it is going to pay off with a higher wage later. People are not even eligible to repay most types of student loan unless they are earning over a certain amount of money, which indicates that even the student loan organisations assume a degree-educated person will earn a high wage. A higher education will also make gaining a higher wage a little easier, for example, people with a degree are able to walk into a management job at Tesco, where a person with A-levels would be required to work his or her way up to the position. Continue reading

The Best Paid Jobs in the UK


What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that rings in our ears from an early age. Some people know instinctively, others are motivated by money or power. Well, if this sounds familiar, then it might be worth considering one of these five jobs below. Because according to a recent report by the Office for National Statistics, these are 2012′s best paid jobs in the UK. Continue reading

How your degree shapes your salary expectations

Graduate salary expectations

University students are now safely ensconced in their new halls of residence, Fresher’s week all but over, while 6th-form students are seriously thinking about whether they can afford university or not. Some recent research sheds light on the vast differences in lifetime salary of graduates from different fields. So what do you want? The money or the lifestyle? Or both?
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How to save on a small salary

The thing about employment is that we do not get to choose our salaries. That will depend on our employer. They can offer us a figure and we can either take it or leave it. Of course some people can negotiate. But only in special situations is negotiation applicable. Continue reading

Bob Diamond’s Barclays salary revealed


Following Bob Diamond’s departure as chief executive of Barclays, it has been revealed that he will receive a £2m payout made up of his salary, pension and benefits. Whilst his salary is reportedly £1.35m, Bob Diamond has voluntarily declined to accept his bonus which is up to a whopping £20m.
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