The Best Paid Jobs in the UK

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that rings in our ears from an early age. Some people know instinctively, others are motivated by money or power. Well, if this sounds familiar, then it might be worth considering one of these five jobs below. Because according to a recent report by the Office for National Statistics, these are 2012′s best paid jobs in the UK.

Chief Executives

They didn’t get the moniker ‘fat cats’ for nothing because sitting top of the pay cheque board are the bosses. Also known as CEOs or managing directors, people in these jobs have a median gross pay of £85,223. Sound like a good wage? Well it is and in fact that’s a yearly rise of almost 12 per cent.

Now it may be that some would argue when you’re running a company, you’re worth every penny. This is because at the end of the day, if something goes wrong, then it’s your name and face that bears the brunt of it. However this recent economic downturn has also thrown up a few who are no longer considered worth their pretty sizeable pay packet – former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Fred ‘The Shed’ Goodwin anyone?

Since there’s no academic CEO qualification, to get there it is all about experience. At university, become a master in your chosen field, then get out into the world of world, ready to work your way up.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Probably the most glamorous of job on this list, pilots can look forward to an average salary of £78,736, up by just over 14 per cent on 2011. And with that comes some weighty responsible, that of your passengers, crew and aircraft to be exact.

So it’s no surprise then that to get to this level it requires dedication and training. The training alone can set you back at least £60,000. That’s for your airline transport pilot’s licence which is vital to becoming a pilot. In addition, you’ll need experience in the form of 1,500 hours worth of flying.

Medical Practitioners

Plenty of children grow up wanting to be doctors, but thanks to the academic qualifications needed and the years of studying, not everyone makes it a reality. Today doctors earn an average salary of £71,279, a drop of just under ten per cent from last year. And it’s certainly not a rapid rise to the top in medicine. According to Steve Harman from the British Medical Associate, doctors can expect their highest salary to come 35 years after going to medical school.

And what an academic journey it is. Most medical students spend at least five years as an undergraduate before moving onto further training which can take up to ten more years.

Marketing and sales directors

In a consumer market, it’s all about the sell, sell, sell. So perhaps it’s no surprise that marketing heads made it into the top five. Tasked with making sure a company is selling, people in these roles have a median gross pay of £68,245. It’s been a rapid rise for sales directors and some consider them to be so important to a business, only the CEO is paid more than them.

Consider yourself good at sales? Then marketing is a good starting point, next stop is the Chartered Institute of Marketing where you could try for a chartered postgraduate diploma in either marketing or sales.

Information technology and telecommunications directors

And as we head into 2013, it’s worth considering, where would we be without computers? Our reliance on them today is such that IT and telecoms bosses are now the fifth best paid job in the UK. With an average salary of £63,622, it’s fair to say someone with these skills will work in some capacity in every business across the UK.

And whilst you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates, to do this job you have to be much more than IT literate. Due to the proliferation of IT skills, there’s now a fast array of different IT areas to study. But pairing it with something like business or management could be helpful.

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