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Help using the salary calculator

Tax year

The tax year that you wish to use in your salary calculation. Remember that this starts on April 6th, and finishes on April 5th of the following year.


As standard, you have a personal allowance (income which will not be taxed). Particular circumstances may permit further allowances, whilst others may see your allowance reduced.

Student loan

If you have taken out a student loan, tick this box. The calculator will check whether or not you are eligible to start repayment (currently 9% of anything over £15k).

Age allowances

Based on your age, you may be able to receive additional allowances, and even negate the need to pay National Insurance.

Gross salary

This is your initial salary before any tax is deducted from it. The calculator assumes this is based on a 5 day working week of 37.5 hours.