Staff shuttle

Save time and take home pay with a staff shuttle

We've partnered with ShuttleID to share how employers can help you save more of your take home pay, save time and remove stress from your commute to work through a staff shuttle bus scheme.

Benefits for employees

  • Reduce your commuting costs and help you save take home pay.
  • Save precious time with a direct door-to-door service.
  • Remove the stress of driving and lack of reliability from public transport.

Benefits for HR and employers

  • Improves staff retention by offering a key benefit saving time, money and stress. Replacing just one employee costs employers over £30,000.
  • Amplifies recruitment efforts by widening the catchment area of potential employees to areas that were previously difficult to commute.
  • Earlier visibility of absenteeism and ability to arrange cover faster.
  • Increases reliability of staff being able to get to work on time.
  • Boosts productivity with staff arriving at work with lower stress levels via a stress-free commute.

More information

Think a staff shuttle service could be beneficial for your workplace?

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Staff shuttle service

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