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Colleague salary calculator

Always wanted to find out how much your colleague earns, but don't want to be intrusive or find yourself in bother? SalaryBot can calculate it just by knowing one bit of information: student loan repayments.

Once you find out what their monthly student loan repayment is, insert the figure into the below calculator and prepare yourself..

Note: surprisingly this technique will only work for people who are repaying student loans. In addition, their studied course must have started between Sept 1998 and Sept 2012.

Your gross salary details

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Your calculated salary

  Year Month Week Day Hour
Gross income £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Personal allowance £12,570.00 £1,047.50 £241.73 £48.35 £6.45
Taxable income £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Income tax          
Tax £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
National Insurance £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
Net income £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00

Help using the colleague salary calculator

Tax year

The tax year that you wish to use in your salary calculation. Remember that this starts on April 6th, and finishes on April 5th of the following year.

Monthly student loan repayment

This monthly figure is used in a calculation to determine the full salary. If the person in question does not repay a student loan - you won't able to use this calculator.

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Disclaimer: Although there are a number of financial tools online, please do not under any circumstance let this constitute as legitimate financial advice. Many are now out of date, and most will only be able to give estimations at best. Whilst efforts have been made to make SalaryBot as accurate as possible, there is always a chance of error.

If you're interested in finding out more about your salary taxes, visit the HMRC website or contact your local tax office.

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